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Online Roulette

Take a chance on your favourite numbers and play roulette online at MONOPOLY Casino. This classic game is the heart of any online casino, and you can choose a huge number of tables to place your bets at, with stakes available from as little as 10p per spin.

Play a Range of Online Roulette Games

Whether you’re an experienced player or you’re venturing into the exciting world of roulette for the first time, we’ve got something that will suit you perfectly. Check out some of our best online roulette games, where you could win huge multipliers and much more.

A number of different betting options can be played in 100/1 Roulette, which takes the famous wheel to a new level. There are 100 numbers in this game, as opposed to the 37 you’d normally find in a traditional online roulette UK game, which of course pays out at 100/1 if you place a Straight Up bet on a winning number.

Play with Lightning Numbers in First Person Lightning Roulette. Random numbers on the roulette table will be struck before each spin, and this could increase your possible payouts up to 500/1 if you have a winning Straight Up bet. This game is similar to our live casino version Lightning Roulette, but in our online casino, you can enjoy a number of camera angles while playing at your own pace.

More real money wins are up for grabs in Phoenix Roulette, where you will have the chance to win a thrilling progressive jackpot! The bonus round is awarded if you place a bet of at least £1 on the Phoenix Jackpot Bonus pocket, and you will then spin a wheel to determine your prize.

Mobile Roulette Games

Take your favourite games with you on the go, and spin the roulette wheel on your mobile devices! You can download the MONOPOLY Casino app from the App Store on Apple devices, or the Google Play Store if you’re using an Android, which allows you to place your bets no matter where you are. All of our games are available on the app, so you can also play online slots, Slingo and more.

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Free Online Roulette

If you’re looking to step into an online casino for the first time, then you’re probably thinking about the best way to bet on these games. There’s no better way to learn than playing a free roulette game online in demo mode! This recreates the exact look and feel of playing online roulette for real money, so you can find out how each of the tables work. Demo mode is available throughout our online casino, so you can play free roulette once you’ve signed up.

Play Online Casino Games

There’s much more on offer in our online casino than just roulette - take a look at some of our popular blackjack games, where you can go up against the virtual dealer in the race to 21, with big prizes available in games such as Phoenix Blackjack.

No online casino is complete without classic table games, and we have plenty of those for you to play. Experience the world-famous game Baccarat, as well as First Person Craps, Keno, and Nice Dice.

Online Roulette Bonus

Get a deposit bonus when you sign up and play online roulette with us! As soon as you’ve made a minimum deposit of £10 and wagered that amount, we’ll give you 30 free spins on MONOPOLY Paradise Mansion*, one of our popular online slot games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play online roulette for real money?

No matter which online roulette game you choose to play with us, you will always be paid out in real money if you win. The same applies to every single game we have on-site; so whether you prefer to play online roulette, live roulette, online slots or poker, your wins are always credited to your account in real money, with no wagering requirements to make a withdrawal.

How to play online roulette?

Playing online roulette is very simple - all you have to do is choose the table you wish to place your wagers at, then select your bet size from the chip denominations available. The bet sizes that you can pick from may vary from game-to-game, so make sure you read all of the table information first.

There are many betting options when you play roulette. You can choose red or black, odd or even, or whether the ball will land in the first or last 18 numbers, for example. The side bets available on some of our games include the Neighbours option, which allows you to cover a certain area of the wheel.

How do you win on online roulette?

At the end of the spin, if the small white ball has landed in a numbered pocket that was covered by one of your bets, you will be a winner! The payout will be multiplied by the size of your bet, and the winnings are instantly credited to your account.

Can online roulette be rigged?

It is impossible for any of our online roulette games to be rigged, and you will always have a fair playing experience. All reputable online roulette sites use something called a random number generator (RNG), which ensures that the outcome of every spin of the wheel is completely random.