Roulette: Streets of Gold

Roulette: Streets of Gold is our Roulette game with an added twist to give you more chances of winning!

Our version of Roulette has the same huge range of bets available in classic Roulette game but has an added Streets of Gold side bet feature which can pay out up to an incredible 500/1.

Play now and paint those streets gold!

    Roulette: Streets of Gold Game Overview

    To place your bets, pick a chip from the bottom of the screen and then click on the designated area of the table to place a bet.

    The chip sizes available in Roulette Streets of Gold range from 50p to £220.

    Betting Buttons

    To remove your bets from the roulette table you must click 'Undo' or 'Clear.'

    To skip all the animations in the game click 'Instant.'

    To place the same bets as your previous spin, click 'Rebet.'

    To double the value of your previous bet, click 'Double.'


    The huge selection of bets and payouts in Roulette Streets of Gold are shown below.

    Bet - Pays - Description

    - Single - 35/1 - covers a single number

    - Split - 17/1 - covers two numbers

    - Street - 11/1 - covers three numbers

    - Corner - 8/1 - covers four numbers

    - Line - 5/1 - covers six numbers

    - Column - 2/1 - covers 12 numbers

    - Dozen - 2/1 - covers 12 numbers

    - Even Money - 1/1 - Red/black, High/low, Even/Odd bets

    La Partage (Half Back Rule)

    If you place a bet on any even money bets but the ball lands on 0, you will receive half of your stake back courtesy of the La Partage rule.

    Streets of Gold Side Bet

    The aim of this side bet is to light up as many streets as possible

    To win a cash prize you must light up at least seven streets.

    A street is lit up when the ball lands on that particular street, the more you light up the more you win.

    The side bet game ends when the ball lands on a street which has already been lit.

    The awards for the side bet are shown below:

    Streets Lit - Pays

    - Seven streets lit = 5x

    - Eight streets lit = 10x

    - Nine streets lit = 15x

    - 10 streets lit = 20x

    - 11 streets lit = 100x

    - 12 streets lit = 500x

    Return to Player (RTP)

    Return to Player: 98.65%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £98.65 of wins.

    This return is based on the player making the best choices.