Play our online slot with classic pinball action in Silverball.

Cascading Reels are active in this game, meaning you could complete a number of consecutive wins, plus Wild symbols can be flipped back onto the reels after a win is achieved.

When you enter the Bonus round you'll discover a pinball machine with casino-themed extras, and you could trigger multipliers and more.

Get the ball flipped.

    Silverball Game Overview

    Betting in this game is fixed at 25 paylines.

    Pinball Wilds 

    A pinball is released whenever a Wild is involved in a win.

    A new Wild will subsequently be created, and this is placed on a random position for the upcoming cascade.

    You can create up to three new Wilds. If more than three pinballs are released on a single cascade, the additional pinballs will shoot off the screen.

    Cascading Reels

    When a cascade takes place, all symbols that are featured in winning combination are removed from the reels.

    Their positions will be filled by new symbols which drop down from above the reels, which can lead to a succession of wins.

    Cascades will end when you fail to complete a winning combination.

    Pinball Machine Bonus

    To trigger this bonus, you must land at least three Bonus symbols during a cascade with a single wager.

    The number of runs you'll receive on the Silverball pinball machine corresponds to the amount of Bonus symbols that activated the feature:

    Number of Bonus Symbols
    Number of Runs Awarded

    A run will begin when you click the 'Start' button.

    On the table, the flippers are automatically controlled. To win on this machine, you are required to hit the different casino features and pinball targets. 

    Your run will be finished when the ball drops through the drain at the bottom of the machine.

    Pinball Machine Bonus Wins

    The wins below will all appear as a multiple of the active coin size, apart from Mini Roulette. 

    1p is equal to one point - points are depicted in the dot matrix on the top.

    Casino Slot

    If you strike the Casino Slot, one spin will be granted to you, and this will come with a guaranteed win.

    Any two or three matching symbols displayed across the line will pay.

    Mini Roulette

    If you initiate Mini Roulette, you are awarded a spin on the roulette wheel.

    In this section of the game, any wins are calculated by multiplying the number the ball lands on by your total bet. 

    You will lose if the ball ends on zero.

    Poker Aces

    If all four Aces light up in this feature, any wins on your run will be multiplied as a result.

    To light an Ace, you must hit the corresponding card suit target on the table. 

    For each time that all four Aces are lit on the same run, it will increase the value of the multiplier by one.

    At the end of your run, any targets and lit Aces are reset.

    Craps Chip

    Each time the Chip in the Craps section is hit, the value displayed on the chip will be awarded to you. The values of the chips begin at five.

    For every time the ball hits one of the two dice, the value that appears on the dice is increased by one.

    The values that are shown on both dice will commence at one, and can be increased by up to six at any time.

    If a six appears on both dice, the chip's value is improved by five, with the dice then being reset to one. 

    At the end of a run, the values of the chip and dice revert to their original state.

    Other Targets

    Wormhole: 20

    Middle bumper: 4

    Left bumper: 3

    Right bumper: 3

    Left triangle: 2

    Right triangle: 2

    In Silverball, malfunction will result in all pays and plays being made void.

    Return to Player 

    Return to Player (RTP): 96.02%. 

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game. 

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.02 of wins.