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Daily Jackpot Slots

Play our exhilarating Daily Jackpot slots, giving you excellent chances to scoop some big wins! A number of progressive jackpots are linked to these online slot games, with two jackpots guaranteed to be paid out every single day.

There are plenty of other brilliant bonuses featured in these games too, including free spins, mystery wins and big win multipliers.

Daily Jackpots Explained

These exciting jackpot slots are developed by Red Tiger, and they are plugged into the Daily Jackpot system. If you play any of the games that connect to the Daily Jackpot system, you will be in with a chance of landing one of the available jackpots.

What Time Do The Daily Jackpots Drop?

Two Daily Jackpots will be awarded every day! These prizes are progressive jackpots, which means that the size of the pot will continue to grow until one of our players wins them. Each of these jackpots has a specified time that they are guaranteed to be won by; the first must be claimed before 8pm, and the other one has to be triggered before midnight. In addition to these progressive jackpots, you can have a spin for your chance to land the Quick Drop Jackpot, which will be won once every hour.

Daily Jackpot

The Daily Jackpot contains the highest potential prize that you can win on these Red Tiger online slots. On each day, one player will land the Daily Jackpot, which must be won before the clock strikes midnight. After this prize has been won it will revert to its seed value, before beginning to grow until the next deadline is reached.

Hourly Jackpot

Every calendar hour, this jackpot prize will be triggered by a lucky player, which basically means that it must be claimed before a new hour starts. This progressive jackpot's value will continue to grow until one of our lucky players wins it.

Quick Hit Jackpot

The Quick Hit Jackpot is not capped, and therefore it has no set deadline. You could even trigger a surprise jackpot win, as there is no deadline that it has to drop by. Over the course of a week, the Quick Hit Jackpot could randomly be won on a number of occasions.

Red Tiger Slot Games

Our brilliant range of Red Tiger online slots are full of exciting game features, with bonus rounds such free spins available, plus win multipliers and more. The list of Red Tiger games we have at MONOPOLY Casino is always evolving, so there's bound to be one that suits your online gaming.

Daily Jackpot Terms

How to Win a Jackpot

You can win one of the jackpot tiers in our Red Tiger slot games by landing three Jackpot symbols across the reels. It’s also possible for Jackpots to be claimed via game features. You will improve your chances of winning one of our Daily Jackpots if you play with a bigger bet size. These jackpots are triggered randomly, and they can be won on any game that is plugged into the Daily Jackpots system. In order to win one of these jackpots, you don’t have to make any in-game decisions with the exception of spinning the reels. You cannot change your stake on free spins.

Internet connectivity problems could result in delays in jackpot messages or updates being shown, although the actual jackpots are not impacted whatsoever. The jackpot value that is shown on your screen could be different from the jackpot’s actual value. The jackpot could be temporarily deactivated, and if this should take place, then all of the game contributions will be halted. When the jackpot is reactivated, its value will be the same as it was before it was deactivated.

Two players cannot win the same jackpot at the same time. If two jackpot wins occur almost simultaneously, the jackpots will be credited in order of when they were triggered.

Progressive Jackpots Explained

Every bet that is placed on one of the Daily Jackpot slot games contributes to the value of the progressive jackpots. A small percentage of each wager is added to a pot, and the larger section of this contribution forms the jackpot amounts that increase progressively, whereas the smaller part adds to a seed fund. The seed fund is the smallest possible prize that qualifying players could receive when a jackpot is won.

Following the award of a jackpot, a new progressive jackpot is instantly activated, and the process will then repeat itself. The jackpot can only be triggered and claimed on a single spin from a single user.

If another player wins one of the jackpot prizes, a notification will appear in the jackpot panel. Jackpots will be immediately credited to the user wallet after they have been won, and this also applies in the event that it is initiated on a bonus spin.

Daily & Hourly Jackpots

The Daily and Hourly Jackpots are progressive jackpots, and they are required to drop before a certain date and time. As you get closer to the deadline, you have a better chance of winning one of the prizes.

These jackpots have unlimited values, they just have to be triggered before the specified date and time. The Daily and Hourly Jackpots have a seed value of £1,000.

Quick Hit Jackpot

Unlike the timed jackpots, the Quick Hit Jackpot can be won at any point during the week. This progressive jackpot has an unlimited value. The Quick Hit Jackpot has a seed value of £200.