Savannah Drums

Savannah Drums

Play the Savannah Drums and you could win big!

This game features Drum Modifiers and a Free Spins Bonus round, which can come with a win multiplier.

Modifiers are active during Free Spins that can add Wild Reels or even remove certain symbols from your screen.

Take a spin.

    Savannah Drums Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in Savannah Drums range from 20p to £20.

    Betting in this game is fixed at 20 paylines.

    Wild Symbol

    In Savannah Drums, Wild symbols can land in any position on the reels. You can use them as substitutes for all other symbols.

    Scatter Symbols

    When you play this slot, you will find that Scatter symbols will act in the same way as Wild symbols.

    The Bonus symbol and the Sunrise symbol are both Scatter symbols.

    Bonus Scatters can be displayed anywhere on the reels, while in the Free Spins Bonus, Sunrise Scatters will only land on reel 5.

    Super Bet Feature

    Use the Super Bet feature to place extra bets at double your original stake!

    The number of Bonus Scatter symbols you need to activate the Free Spins Bonus and Drum Modifiers will be reduced by placing a Super Bet.

    Drum Modifiers

    You need two Bonus Scatter symbols to unlock a Drum Modifier if you haven't placed a Super Bet, and this is reduced to just one Bonus Scatter if you have placed one.

    Throughout the base game, you can trigger one of these Drum Modifiers:

    Drum Modifier
    Free Spins TriggerActivates the Free Spins Bonus.
    Wild ReelsUnlock one to four Wild Reels.
    Wild SymbolsOne or more random low-paying symbols become Wild symbols.
    All WinsYou are granted a win multiplier valued between x2 to x10.

    Free Spins Bonus

    Without placing a Super Bet, you will require at least three Bonus Scatter symbols to trigger the Free Spins Bonus. This number is reduced to two if you have placed one.

    The Free Spins Bonus could be started via a Drum Modifier.

    Either a x2 or x3 win multiplier will be awarded if you activate the Free Spins Bonus with a minimum of four Bonus Scatters.

    You can unlock Drum modifiers when a Bonus Scatter symbol hits on reel 5 while you are playing this bonus round.

    Drum Modifier
    Wild ReelsBetween one and three Wild Reels are unlocked.
    All WinsIn addition to your current multiplier, you will also be awarded a x10 multiplier. Multipliers are given out in x1 or x2 increments.
    Wild SymbolsAt least one low-paying symbol will randomly be replaced by a Wild symbol.
    EliminatorA low-paying symbol will disappear from the game. Gold low-paying symbols are unable to be eliminated.

    There is no cap on the amount of free spins you can be awarded.

    Landing a Sunrise Scatter symbol on reel 5 will terminate the Free Spins Bonus after you are granted one final free spin.

    During the Free Spins Bonus, you will use an identical bet size and paylines to the triggering spin.

    Gold Symbols

    If you trigger the Eliminator Drum Modifier Gold low-paying symbols are still active, and they will act in the same manner as Wild symbols if you then activate the Wild Symbols Drum Modifier.

    All Wins

    Triggering the Lion totem during the base game unlocks a multiplier worth a maximum of x10, and it is applied to the active spin.

    The multiplier awarded is added to the current multiplier during Free Spins, with a value of at least x1 up to a limit of x10, and impacts all of the subsequent spins.

    Multipliers are awarded in increments of x1 and x2.

    Return to Player

    Return to Player (RTP): 96.10%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.10 of wins.