Play Elemento, our exciting online slot machine that uses the Cluster Pays mechanic.

Four special symbol types are active in this game, all corresponding to a bonus feature for you to unlock.

Plus you can trigger the Free Spins feature, where you could unlock a multiplier with a potential value of up to x99.

Get in your element.

    Elemento Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in Elemento range from 20p to £20.

    This game does not feature paylines, instead using a Cluster Pays mechanic.  


    Element Area and Play Area

    Elemento is a 9x9 game.

    The Element Area is made up of the top and bottom row, as well as the left and right column of the game.

    In this area, only Element Wild symbols and empty positions can be displayed.

    When Avalanches take place, symbols in the Element Area do not fall down.

    The 7x7 area inside the Element Area is known as the Play Area, where only regular and Wild symbols can land.

    The symbols in the Play Area will fall down as part of an Avalanche.

    Special Symbols

    Four types of Element Wild symbols are active in this game, and they all act in an identical manner to the Wild symbol.

    When every spin starts, a maximum of four random Element Wild symbols are shown in random positions in the Element Area.

    Whenever an Avalanche takes place, all symbols in the Element Area move one step clockwise.

    Up to five examples of a single type of Element Wild symbol can be displayed in the Element Area during one spin in the base game, or on a free spin.

    Element Wild symbols are activated when they form part of a Cluster Win.

    Every triggered Element Wild symbol causes the corresponding Element Meter to be increased by 1.

    Activated Element Wild symbols are unable to be involved in any Cluster Win.

    When no more Cluster Wins remain, and it's not possible for any further Avalanches to take place, each activated Element Wild symbol starting from the top left corner and clockwise triggers its corresponding feature and then disappears.

    •  Fire Element Wild symbol triggers the Fire Wild Feature.
    • Water Element Wild symbol triggers the X Flood Feature.
    • Earth Element Wild symbol triggers the Demolition Feature.
    • Wind Element Wild symbol triggers the Tornado Feature.

    The Fire Wild Feature can place Wild symbols on the reels, and these symbols can be used as substitutes for all regular symbols for the evaluation of Cluster Wins.

    The Wild symbol is evaluated separately in each symbol cluster it is part of.

    The Wild symbol cannot pay by itself.


    All symbols from the previous spins disappear from the Play Area when each spin starts, with new symbols dropping down in the Avalanche.

    Any regular and Wild symbols that are part of a Cluster Win pay out and disappear, to be replaced by new symbols which drop down from above, creating the possibility for more wins.

    The Avalanche continues until no new Cluster Win is formed.

    Element Spawn

    If a Cluster Win does not include any Element Wild symbol, it can spawn a random Element Wild symbol that can be placed in the Element Area in a random position.

    Per Avalanche, only one Element Wild symbol is awarded.

    Fire Wild Feature

    The Fire Wild Feature places between two and 10 Wild symbols in the Play Area in random positions.

    X Flood Feature

    Nine positions are picked by the X Flood Feature in an X-shaped pattern in the Play Area, and these positions will then be transformed into an identical symbol.

    One triggered Water Element Wild symbol can activate the X Flood Feature twice, turning two X-shaped patterns in the Play Area into the same symbol.

    Cluster Wins are evaluated after the activated Water Element Wild symbol has finished triggering the X Flood Feature.

    Demolition Feature

    The Demolition Feature picks one random type of low-paying symbol, with all examples of those symbols taken out of the Play Area.

    One activated Earth Element Wild symbol is able to trigger the Demolition Feature on up to four occasions, with all examples of those four low-paying symbols removed from the Play Area.

    The Avalanche will take place once the activated Earth Element Wild symbol finishes activating the Demolition feature.

    Tornado Feature

    The Tornado Feature will choose a single regular symbol at a random position in the Play Area. It will then turn its adjacent eight symbols into the same symbol, or it will erase them from the screen.

    One activated Wind Element Wild symbol can activate the Tornado Feature twice, choosing two regular symbols at different positions and their adjacent symbols.

    Cluster Wins will be evaluated if no symbols are removed. In any other case, the Avalanche will take place.

    Free Spins

    The Free Spins bonus is activated if all four Element Wild symbols are triggered on at least one occasion while you are playing a spin in the base game.

    The amount of free spins you receive to begin with is five, in addition to the total amount of Element Wild symbols that were triggered on a spin in the base game.

    A win multiplier is active during Free Spins, beginning at x1, and after each Avalanche its value is increased by 1.

    Throughout this feature, all Cluster Winsare multiplied by the win multiplier.

    The win multiplier's maximum value is x99.

    If all four Element Wild symbols are activated at least once during one free spin, you will unlock extra free spins.

    The amount of extra free spins that you will receive is the total amount of Element Wild symbols triggered on that free spin.

    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 96.33%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.33.