Carnival Cow Coin Combo

Go wild in our online slot game, Carnival Cow Coin Combo!

Collect Element Coin symbols for the chance to trigger the Jackpot feature, where you will select from 15 Coins to decide your prize.

Element Coins can also activate the Cow feature, with six separate versions for you to play.

Get spinning.

    Carnival Cow Coin Combo Game Overview

    The bet sizes avaulable in Carnival Cow Coin Combo range from 22p to £7.88.

    Betting in this game features up to 243 paylines.

    Tree Symbol

    The Tree symbol in this online slot game is Wild, and it can therefore substitute for all of the other symbols on the reels, with the exception of the Element Coin symbol.

    Tree symbols can appear on reels 2-4 throughout the base game.

    Element Coin Symbols

    Three coloured bowls are present on top of the reels: Red, Green and Blue.

    Element Coin symbols are collected in the the bowl with the same colour as the symbol.

    You will continue to collect Element Coin symbols until you have randomly triggered a feature.

    The Jackpot feature may be unlocked by the Red bowl, while the Blue and Green bowls can cause the Cow feature to be initiated.

    The amount of Element Coin symbols you have collected doesn't affect the chance of a feature being activated.

    Jackpot Feature

    At the start of the Jackpot feature, you will see 15 Coins on-screen. Every individual Coin will either reveal a Fu Baby symbol or an Upgrade symbol, and you must click on them to find out.

    Trigger a Jackpot when three matching Fu Baby symbols have been revealed.

    If you reveal three Upgrade symbols before you have been awarded a Jackpot, then its value will be boosted.

    This feature will end once a Jackpot prize has been triggered.

    Cow Feature

    You can play six different versions within the Cow feature: Mighty, Mega, Super, Ultra, Supreme and Ultimate.

    The colour of the triggering bowls decides which version will be played out:

    Cow Feature Version
    Triggering Bowls
    SuperBlue and Green
    UltraBlue and Red
    SupremeGreen and Red
    UltimateBlue, Green and Red

    The Cow feature will be played on a new set of reels.

    A set of standard Coin symbols will be placed on random reel spots at the beginning of the Cow feature.

    Cow Feature Version
    Grid Size
    Number of Standard Coin Symbols
    Free Spins Awarded
    Mighty and Ultra5x363
    Mega and Supreme5x483
    Super and Ultimate5x5103

    Any standard Coin symbols that are produced will be frozen in their position until you have finished playing the feature.

    Each of the standard Coin symbols will have a linked random cash or Jackpot value.

    Green Coin Symbols

    On your free spins, it is possible that Green Coin symbols may land on the reels.

    If a Green Coin symbol hits while the Cow feature is active, you are awarded the value of the standard Coin symbols on the reels. The number of free spins you have left will be reset to three.

    Red Mystery Envelope Bonus

    The Red Mystery Envelope Bonus may be initiated during the base game. If this occurs, you receive a random cash prize.

    Buy Pass Option

    The Buy Pass option allows you to have the opportunity to buy entry into the Cow feature.

    You may buy the Mighty, Mega or Super version of the Cow feature or the Mystery Option. Should you decide to go for the Mystery Option, it will randomly choose one of the versions for you to play.

    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 96.00%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.00 of wins.