Ted: Pub Fruit

Ted: Pub Fruit is a slot game featuring your favourite movie bear, Ted.

With an incredible sixteen features this 5-reel online slot is packed with excitement.

Have a crazy fun time with your new buddy, Ted.

    Ted: Pub Fruit Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in Ted: Pub Fruit range from 10p to £10.

    Betting in this game is fixed at five paylines.

    Game Board

    The game board will be unlocked when you get on the cash ladder via the trail.

    If a reel appears on screen with a number linked to it, the trail has the number added to it.

    Another way of getting on the game board is via the skill stopper. This is achieved if you hit the trail boost.

    Every space that exists on the game board relates to one of the features listed below:

    • Feature+ - The feature board on the left of screen will be enhanced
    • Cash+ - The cash board on the right of screen is enhanced
    • Free Spin - One extra free spin is given to you, with any wins completed being added to the cash pot
    • Arrows - You advance to the upper or lower board
    • Heart - If you collect three Hearts, you will trigger an additional life
    • Cash Out - You are removed from the trail bonus, and a skill stopper is used to decide if you have a prize or a losing bonus
    • Multiplier - The cash pot receives a multiplier of your current bet
    • Bonus - You will trigger one of the bonus rounds in this slot game
    • Arrested - A shot on the current level is awarded
    • Level Up - You progress to the next level in the game
    • Super Shot - A shot is awarded on the following level
    • Super Spin - You are awarded an additional super spin; this gives you a certain win, and the subsequent winnings are added to the cash pot

    Big Money

    The game will progress and you are directed to the Big Money feature.


    You will be awarded a guaranteed win, as the base game reels spin and display a winning combination.

    High Five

    A skill stopper will run through the cash ladder's highest five values.

    The skill stopper can be stopped, and the relative prize will be unlocked.

    Golden Goose

    A cash prize will be unveiled when you select a box.

    When you pick a box and reveal Collect, the feature ends.

    Cash Combo

    All of the cash values existing on the cash ladder will be run through by a skill stopper.

    The skill stopper can be halted when you hit start, and the relative prize will be awarded.

    You will be given the choice to repeat the process or move on with the game. Selecting no will result in you being paid the cash value.

    High Rise

    Choose from three pots to reveal one of the following: Climb 1, Climb 2, Climb 3, or Collect.

    If one of the climb options is shown, you progress up the cash ladder by the corresponding number of steps.

    The feature will end when you reveal Collect.

    Big Shot

    The hi-lo reels will spin to a random number; this number is then used to boost the cash ladder.

    After this, you receive a cash shot to be used on the above values.

    Money Maker

    The multipliers will be run through by a skill stopper.

    Hit start to stop the skill stopper, and the relative prize will be given to you.

    Reel Rush

    The reels from the base game will spin, and you must stop them by hitting the start button. Any wins will then be evaluated and paid.

    Easy Money

    Gamble up the cash ladder by playing a classic game of Hi-Lo. This will end when one of your gambles is unsuccessful.

    Crazy Cash

    You receive three opportunities to make progress up the cash ladder.

    Cash Code

    The base game reels will spin, and when they have stopped any numbers on screen will move you up the cash ladder by that amount.

    Beer Money

    Choose from three beer bottles to trigger a prize.

    Turbo Gamble 

    You will gamble and move either up or down the cash ladder.

    Hot Shot

    A random skill stopper runs over the cash ladder. This can be stopped by pressing start, and you will receive the linked prize.

    Cherry Spin

    A winning combination is produced by the reels from the base game spinning.

    Take It Or Leave It

    If you have a Super Shot and end up on one of the available Take It or Leave It spaces, the Take It or Leave It Bonus feature will be initiated.

    Playing the Super Take It or Leave It section causes the lowest five values to be removed from the game.

    Playing the Mega Take it or Leave It section causes the lowest 10 values to be removed from the game.

    Ted causes all of the TVs to be removed from the game, and you are then paid a cash prize.

    You are made an offer when each round ends, and you must decide whether to Take It Or Leave It.

    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 96.57%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.57 of wins.