Masters of Olympus

Have a spin on our online slot game Masters of Olympus for your chance to win big.

This game features Lightning Wild symbols that can expand and cover the whole of a reel, plus you can land Bonus symbols on reels 1 and 3 to add to the Spartan Booster meter.

You can activate either the Olympus or Spartan bonus when three Bonus symbols are displayed, which will unlock up to seven God symbols, as well as the chance to trigger a 500x win in the Spartan Bonus.

Head to Olympus.

    Masters of Olympus Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in Masters of Olympus range from 10p to £12.50.

    Betting in this game is fixed at 1,024 paylines.

    Lightning Wild Symbol

    The Lightning Wild symbols in this slot game can substitute for all of the other symbols, though this excludes the Bonus symbol.

    The objective of symbol substitution is to give you a better chance of completing winning combinations on the reels.

    Zeus Re-spins Feature

    Collect Lightning Wild symbols throughout the base game and you may activate the Zeus Re-spins feature.

    The triggering Lightning Wild symbol will be held in its position before expanding, and it will then cover the entire row.

    When you play each of your re-spins, the Lightning Wild symbol expands a single position down. Any extra Lightning Wilds that are displayed on your re-spins will expand as well.

    Coin Overlay symbols are collected in the bonus meter whenever they are shown on one of your re-spins.

    Collect three Coin Overlay symbols to activate either the Olympus Bonus or the Spartan Bonus. Whichever bonus you initiate will be played following the completion of your re-spins.

    The Zeus Re-spins feature will end when the last Lightning Wild symbol drops out of the reels, of if your last re-spin fails to produce a Lightning Wild symbol.

    Bonus Symbol

    The Bonus symbol in this game is represented by a Colosseum, and it is able to land on reels 1, 3 and 5.

    If three Bonus symbols are displayed on a spin, the Olympus Bonus or the Spartan Bonus will be triggered. You will only be able to play the Spartan Bonus if you have completed the Spartan Booster.

    Spartan Booster 

    You can increase the Spartan Booster meter's value by hitting Bonus symbols on the first and third reels. This will boost the value of the meter by one whenever it occurs.

    There are a total of 10 steps within the meter. If you reach the last step, you will be able to trigger the Spartan Bonus.

    Once you have finished the Spartan Bonus, the value of the meter is reset.

    For every individual bet size that you play with, your progress on the meter will be saved.

    Olympus Bonus

    At the start of this bonus round, three free spins will be awarded.

    The Olympus Bonus features 20 active reels, and there is one row on each of the reels.

    The triggering Bonus symbols are replaced by Shield symbols. Potential values of Shield symbols range from 1x to 50x.

    The number of free spins you have left to play will be reset if a new Shield or God symbol appears on one of your free spins.

    In this bonus round, seven alternate God symbols are available. Each God has a multiplier value, along with an impact on the game.

    Aphrodite Symbol

    The Aphrodite symbol's multiplier value can be anything from 2x up to 9x, and it takes effect on the symbols that appear on the current spin, as well as any subsequent ones.

    Throughout your bonus, you can only land one Aphrodite symbol.

    Poseidon Symbol

    Poseidon symbol values can be as little as 1x, or as big as 9x.

    Land the Poseidon symbol to expand the reels below.

    On any spin, you can only hit one Poseidon symbol. Throughout the Olympus Bonus, no more than two of these symbols can be displayed.

    Apollo Symbol

    Values of Apollo symbols range from 1x to 9x. This multiplier value will be awarded to the multiplier value of the visible symbols on the reels.

    Zeus Symbol

    Zeus symbols can have values ranging from 1x to 9x.

    The Zeus symbol's multiplier is added to each of the active symbols' multiplier values until you have completed the bonus.

    Ares Symbol

    Ares symbols can have multipliers worth as little as 1x, or as big as 9x.

    Any symbol multiplier values on the reels will be taken and added to the value of the Ares symbol.

    Athena Symbol

    Athena symbols can have multiplier values ranging from 1x to 9x.

    Until you have finished playing your bonus round, the value of the active symbols is added to the Athena symbol value on each spin that you play.

    Hades Symbol

    The Hades symbol may have a multiplier value ranging from 1x to 9x when it hits.

    Hades is the God of the Underworld. This creates the power to re-trigger all Apollo and Ares symbols on the reels for one spin only.

    Spartan Bonus

    Once you have filled the Booster Meter, land three Bonus symbols on the reels to gain access to the Spartan Bonus.

    In this part of the game, you will start with four free spins, which is increased from the Olympus Bonus.

    The Spartan Bonus will end if a spin fails to add any new symbols, or if every reel position has been filled.

    A maximum prize of 500x is up for grabs if you successfully fill every position on the reels while playing the Spartan Bonus.

    Hot Spots

    Hot Spots can be displayed at random.

    These reel positions increase the chances of landing God symbols.

    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 94.02%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £90.72 of wins.