Heart of Ra

Unlock the fortunes of Ancient Egypt in Heart of Ra.

When Bonus symbols cascade to the bottom of the reels you will trigger Feature Boxes, consisting on high-paying symbol upgrades, extra lives, multipliers and more to enhance your game.

When the fifth Feature Box is unlocked, Powerspins are triggered, which will transform all Bonus symbols into medium to high-paying symbols, in addition to activating 1,024 ways to win!

Explore the Heart of Ra.

    Heart of Ra Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in Heart of Ra range from 20p to £20.

    There are up to 243 paylines in this game.


    Life Meter

    When the first Feature Box is unlocked, Life Meter becomes active, and the Active Life Meter is represented by a Red Heart. 

    Lives will activate re-spins on losing spins. 

    If a re-spin results in no win and there is no life to consume, the Life Meter becomes inactive and the round will conclude.

    Feature Boxes

    If there are any unlocked boxes during each re-spin, the first one is opened and features are applied. 

    The following features may be available in the boxes:

    - Low to Medium symbol upgrade (Red) – upgrades all Red low-paying symbols to Red medium-paying symbols

    - Low to Medium symbol upgrade (Purple) – upgrades all Purple low-paying symbols to Purple medium-paying symbols 

    - Low to Medium symbol upgrade (Blue) – upgrades all Blue low-paying symbols to Blue medium-paying symbols 

    - Medium to High symbol upgrade (Red) – upgrades all Red medium-paying symbols to Red high-paying symbols

    - Medium to High symbol upgrade (Purple) – upgrades all Purple medium-paying symbols to Purple high-paying symbols

    - Medium to High symbol upgrade (Blue) – upgrades all Blue medium-paying symbols to Blue high-paying symbols

    - Red Multiplier (x2, x3) - multiplies all Red symbol wins

    - Purple Multiplier (x2, x3) - multiplies all Purple symbol wins

    - Blue Multiplier (x2, x3) – multiplies all Blue symbol wins

    - Extra Life – increases the value of Life Meter


    Furthermore, the Powerspin feature is always contained in every fifth open box (golden one).

    All Bonus Symbols transform into medium-paying or high-paying symbols of the same kind, subsequently guaranteeing five-of-a-kind. 

    The game features 1,024 ways to win during this re-spin, and symbols from reels can bring extra symbols that improve existing five-of-a-kind, creating the potential for massive wins.

    In addition, all upgrades and multipliers that are in the box will be applied to the result.

    Bonus symbols will be displayed on the top row prior to the next re-spin. 

    All features from Feature Boxes disappear as soon as they have been used, and have no impact on new cascading symbols. 

    An open Feature Box that used all its features drops down, and the queue has a new locked Feature Box added to it.

    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 96.40%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.40.