Finn's Golden Tavern

Finn's Golden Tavern

Finn and the Golden Tavern is the gold-filled adventure slot packed full of excitement.

Trigger a wide range of exciting features, including the Random Coin feature that turns all your low-value symbols into cash.

Also, when a Scatter symbol enters the centre of the reels, you are taken to the Free Spins Bonus that offers win multipliers and more.

    Finn's Golden Tavern Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in Finn's Golden Tavern range from 10p to £20.

    Betting in this game is fixed at 50 paylines.

    Spin Mechanic 

    In each of the 25 spaces, 25 separate symbols appear that are independent of those around it.

    Winning symbols will be destroyed, and this empty space will be filled by the remaining symbols moving.

    Symbols move from higher numbered spaces to the lowest numbered space that is next to them.

    Wild Symbols 

    Wins with Wild symbols can intersect or overlap on the same row or column.

    No Wild symbols will be shown on screen during the initial spin/drop.

    Wilds can be used to substitute for coin symbols. 

    The coin value of each Wild included in a coin win is determined randomly, however should a Wild be included in at least two wins with coin symbols, the value is identical.

    Win Matches 

    Any horizontal or vertical line of at least three identical symbols is classed as a win match.

    It's possible for two or more wins to be present in a single row or column.

    When three or four Wilds are adjacent in a vertical or horizontal line, only symbols on either side of the line can be replaced, meaning a group of Wilds cannot create a win by themselves.

    Each coin symbol has a value assigned and any match of three or more coin symbols pays out the sum of all the coin values in the match.

    Wins with only Wild symbols are counted only if it is impossible to create another win match either horizontally or vertically. 

    Wilds will be treated as random coins as above whenever this happens, and the same random coin value is given to all Wild symbols, generating a win match.

    Avalanche and Wild Generation 

    Every symbol that was part of a win will explode and disappear following the evaluation of all wins.

    Once the symbols have come to rest, based on how the 5x5 grid is displayed, a win evaluation is done.

    There are different types of wins: wins that consist of a Wild symbol, and wins that don't feature any Wild symbols.

    One of two things are then triggered as a consequence of each win.

    If wins contain a Wild symbol, the Wild symbol contributing to the win will explode destroying the symbols vertically and horizontally adjacent to it.

    If wins do not contain a Wild symbol, a new Wild symbol will be created in place of one of the symbols that has exploded and disappeared.

    The remaining symbols will avalanche to fill the empty spaces after all explosions have occurred, leaving new Wilds are in place. When no more wins are generated, this process ends.

    The new Wild symbols will be positioned on the middle of the winning match however there will be instances (see 'wins that do have a Wild' above) where no new Wilds will be generated.

    Avalanche wins are added to the balance, in addition to any wins you achieved while playing the main game.

    Random Coin Feature 

    After all winning combinations and/or avalanches have occurred on a spin, it is possible for a Random Coin Feature to be unlocked.

    To be in with a chance of activating the Random Coin Feature, it is essential that the Free Spins chest symbol is not in the central position in the reels, but instead in the immediate loop of symbols around the central position.

    Either one or two low win symbols are randomly chosen in either the central position, or the loop of symbols surrounding it, following the activation, and they become coin symbols.

    Each coin symbol's value is selected randomly.

    If the added coin symbols create any wins, the win will pay out as normal and will subsequently avalanche and generate Wilds in the usual manner until no further wins occur. 

    After these avalanches, Free Spins is triggered if the Free Spins Chest symbol reaches the central position.

    On the same spin, it is not possible for the Random Coin Feature to be triggered more than once.

    Free Spins Chest Symbol 

    A Free Spins Chest symbol will always start on the bottom left place on the reels.

    This symbol then moves along the centre as you achieve wins, while the symbols that remain will avalanche.

    During the main game or Free Spins, the Free Spins Chest symbol cannot be removed from the reels.

    Free Spins are activated if the Free Spins Chest symbol is in the central position when there are no more winning combinations and all avalanches are complete.

    Free Spins Bonus

    If the Free Spins Chest symbol is in the centre position after all wins or avalanches have taken place, you are granted a Free Spins game along with five Free Spins.

    Aside from the addition of a multiplier meter, which has the ability to increase the win payout, free spins function similarly manner to the main game.

    During avalanches, the multiplier meter goes up one step for each Wild that is generated.

    For every five steps in the meter, the multiplier goes up by one, and all wins in the remainder of the feature have this new multiplier applied to them.

    At the start of this feature, the multiplier's value is one.

    During Free Spins, the same Random Coin feature that is in the main game can also be active, and the same conditions for activation and payout apply. 

    On each individual Free Spin, it is only possible to trigger the Random Coin feature once.

    In Free Spins, the Free Spins Chest symbol functions the same as in the base game; starting at the outermost position and progressing inwards when avalanches occur. 

    During Free Spins, however, if the Free Spins chest symbol is in the central position on the reels after the completion of avalanches, it will activate the coin bonus feature.

    This feature places out a number of coin symbols onto the reels, and they are assigned random individual values.

    Low win symbols are replaced by the coin symbols, and following the initial placing of the coins ending, a win evaluation is done. 

    An additional position is chosen from the remaining valid positions if no win occurs after the initial placing of coins, and this will continue until you achieve a win.

    After all coins have been placed, all wins are created and subsequently pay out, in addition to being multiplied by the current active multiplier. 

    Wilds and avalanches will continue to be generated until no more wins are completed.

    The coin bonus feature can unlock on any Free Spin, even if it has taken place in a previous Free Spin in the same Free Spins round.

    Fist Slam Feature 

    On a no-win spin while playing the main game, the Fist Slam feature can be randomly activated and generate a win by moving a coin symbol.

    The remaining symbols avalanche following the payout of wins, and this can therefore potentially form new wins.

    The Fist Slam Feature does not have the ability to move the Free Spins Chest symbol.

    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 96.10%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.10 of wins.