Deal or No Deal: The Perfect Play

Deal or No Deal: The Perfect Play

Deal or No Deal: The Perfect Play is the classic fruit machine-inspired online slot game.

With a retro reel, 16 feature games and a classic Big Money round, excitement is guaranteed!

Pick up phone!

Coin Size / Paylines

The coin sizes for Deal or No deal: The Perfect Play ranges from 1p to £1

Betting in this game is fixed at five paylines.


The game board is triggered by getting on the cash ladder through the trail.

Landing a reel with a number attached in view will add this number to the trail.

If the player lands on the trail boost, they will have a chance by way of a Skill Stopper to get on the board, as well as adding a prize on the cash ladder.

Each square on the gameboard correspond to one of the following:

Feature+: Increases the feature board on the left.

Cash+: Increases the cash board on the right.

Free Spin: Awards an additional Free Spin.

Arrows: Moves the player to the inside/outside of the board.

Phone: Collect three or more to Enter the Deal or No Deal Bonus.

Heart: Collect three to award an extra life.

Cash Out: Forces the player out of the Trail Bonus with a Skill Stopper which awards a prize or a loss.


There are 16 features available to play for, these are shown along the left-hand side of the screen.

Big Money

The game transitions to a big money screen with 10 gold boxes displaying values ranging from 100 to 1000x Bet.

The boxes are rearranged randomly until the suitcases close.

After all the boxes have closed the player is prompted to select a gold box and win the corresponding prize.


The base reels shall spin to a win then a repeat/collect Skill Stopper is given. If a repeat is given, the reels spin to another win.

Box Magic

The player picks a red box to reveal a cash prize until the player selects the ‘Collect’ box.

Bank on It

The Skill Stopper runs between the top seven offers on the cash ladder.

The player presses start to stop the Skill Stopper and is awarded the selected prize.

A repeat/Collect option is awarded on the same prize.

Cash Combo

A Skill Stopper runs through all the values on the cash ladder and the player is awarded the prize indicated on the Skill Stopper after it had been stopped.

Star Prize

The game brings up three blue boxes which the player picks from to reveal Climb 1, 2, 3 or collect. 

Revealing a climb will advance up the cash ladder.

Big Reds

A Skill Stopper runs through all the offers on the centre red DOND values. 

The player presses spin to stop the stopper and is awarded the selected prize.

Box clever

Brings up three DOND red boxes and the player picks one to reveal a prize.

Reel Rush

The main game reels will spin, and the player is required to press start to stop the reels which then pay any line wins.

Easy Money

The player Hi-Lo gambles up the cash ladder until they lose the gamble.

Crazy Cash

Three Shots given to climb the cash ladder.

Cash Code

The base game reels spin and the player presses SPIN to stop the reels. 

The numbers in view climb the cash ladder by the corresponding number of segments.

Money Box

Brings up three blue boxes and the player picks one to reveal a prize.

Turbo Gamble

A gamble to try and get higher up the cash ladder.

Hot Shots

A Skill Stopper runs through all the blue DOND boxes. The player presses spin to stop the Skill Stopper and wins the selected prize. A repeat/collect will be given on the win.

Deal or No Deal

Collecting three Deal or No Deal telephones whilst travelling around the feature board will activate the Deal or No Deal Feature.

Once active the player can choose to enter the Deal or No Deal Feature or play on with the chance to upgrade the Deal or No Deal bonus.

Collecting five telephones activates Super Deal or No Deal where the bottom five boxes are eliminated from play.

Collecting six telephones activates Mega Deal or No Deal where all the blue boxes are eliminated.

Return to Player (RTP)

Return to Player: 96.57%.

The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out between £96.57 of wins.

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