Poker Tournaments

Test your skills among the best with our selection of Poker Tournaments on offer.

With buy-ins from £1 you are sure to find a table that suits you!

Find a table now and try one of our many Poker Tournaments.

    No Limit Hold’em Poker Tournaments

    Our poker tournaments are played under No Limit Texas Hold’em rules. 

    Upon entering the lobby, players can select from several tournaments being hosted.

    Each tournament has information regarding the tournament’s important details such as buy in amount, payout, start time, total players and other important details.

    The smallest buy in for a tournament is £1. 

    The prize pool is divided and awarded to the highest placed finishers in the tournament, and final payout structure will only be declared after registration has been closed.

    Tournament blinds regularly increase to ensure timely progress of the game. When players begin to get eliminated, remaining players are moved around to ensure an even number on all tables.

    As the tournament progresses and players are eliminated furthermore, empty tables will be removed until there is only one table left, known popularly in the poker world as the Final Table.

    The game ends when one player has won all the chips, therefore eliminating everyone in the tournament.

    Return to Player (RTP)

    Return to Player: 90.00%

    The return to player is the theoretical percentage of buy-ins that are paid out in prizes, on average. This replaces the normal 10% entry fee for tournaments.

    Due to the large jackpots that are possible, the actual percentage awarded can be lower or higher than 90% over the short term.