Bingo Times

Listen for the call in Bingo Times!

Play a seasonal online bingo game, and create a social occasion by interacting with your fellow bingo enthusiasts with the free to use chat function.

Win a progressive jackpot by marking a Full House on your ticket in 42 or fewer calls.


    Bingo Times Game Overview

    Play some seasonal 90-ball bingo and buy a ticket for our Bingo Times rooms!

    Mark off all of the numbers on your ticket and you could have the chance to trigger an exciting progressive jackpot.

    90-Ball Bingo

    Your bingo cards in this game consist of 15 numbers. Prizes are awarded when you mark off a certain amount of numbers in a specific pattern.

    To win a prize, you must complete the following before any other player in your room:

    • One line – all numbers in a horizontal line marked
    • Two lines – all numbers in two horizontal lines marked
    • Full House – all numbers on your bingo card marked

    Playing Online Bingo

    In online bingo games, a computer automatically marks off the numbers on your ticket once they are read out by the caller.

    The amount of calls you require to win can be viewed on your screen.

    If you have multiple bingo tickets, the one with the most numbers marked off will be moved to the front of your deck automatically.

    On any occasion that a player wins, you will be notified within the game. If you hold the winning ticket, your account receives the winnings automatically.

    Progressive Jackpots

    You will have the opportunity to land an exciting progressive jackpot during this online bingo game.

    Contributions from every ticket bought for this game are added to the jackpot, which will continue to grow until it is claimed by a player.

    The progressive jackpot is triggered if you complete a Full House in no more than 42 calls. The size of the jackpot can be seen in the game window.

    The 'Progressive Jackpot (PJ)' symbol depicts the progressive jackpot when you are playing this game.

    Return To Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 80.99% - 85.45%.

    The actual monthly return to player across all bingo games ranges between 80.99% - 85.45%.

    The return is the amount we have paid out to members relative to all wagering on the games.

    In this game there is a jackpot available to play for. When a jackpot is won it resets to the Seed Value.

    A percentage of each bet contributes to the jackpot value.

    Progressive Jackpot Seed value: £400