Signature Live Blackjack

Take a seat at one of our Signature Live Blackjack tables!

Take on the dealer and see if you can beat them to 21, plus you can also place some thrilling side bets to spice up the action.

Will you hit or stand?

    Signature Live Blackjack Game Overview

    The chip sizes available in Signature Live Blackjack range from £5 to £1,000.

    Signature Live Blackjack

    The game is played with eight regular 52-card decks, and the cards are valued as outlined below:

    - Cards from 2 to 10 have face value

    - All face cards (Jack, Queen, King) and the 10 card are worth 10

    - Aces are valued at either 1 or 11, and it will assume the number that benefits your hand more.

    After the expiration of betting time, each player receives a single card face up.


    If your hand is worth precisely 21, you win Blackjack and receive a payout worth 1.5x your initial bet.


    Insurance can only be purchased if the dealer's up-card is an Ace, and it allows you to protect yourself against the possibility of the dealer having Blackjack, even if you yourself have it.

    If Blackjack is revealed by the dealer, your bets on insurance are paid at 2:1.

    The dealer will check their face down card to see if they have Blackjack:

    - If they don't, the round continues as expected

    - The dealer wins if they have Blackjack and you don't

    - Your stake is refunded if you and the dealer both have Blackjack, and this is known as a 'push'

    Insurance costs half your main bet, and these bets are settled individually.

    Double Down

    You can double down on your first two cards, which will double your stake, but also means you will only be dealt one more card.

    The double down option is unavailable if you have split your hand.


    If you 'hit' you will be dealt another card, and this is added to your existing hand. 

    Until you go over 21, you can continue to hit.


    Stand if you wish to receive no further cards.


    If you receive two cards of an identical value initially, you can split them into two separate hands.

    Each hand is a separate bet, and they have the same wager as your first bet.

    Each hand is dealt another card, and you can 'hit' on both of them unless a pair of Aces was split.

    Only one more card per hand can be dealt if you split Aces.

    It is not possible to split any hand on more than one occasion.


    Your hand will be a bust if the value of it exceeds 21.

    The dealer reveals their second card once all players have played their hands, and they have to:

    - Hit - if the value of their cards is 16 or less

    - Stand - if they hold a Soft 17 or higher 

    To win, your final hand must be closer to 21 than the dealer's, or alternatively the dealer could bust.

    If your hand is worth the same as the dealer's it is a push and your stake is returned.

    Blackjack (Ace and 10) is more powerful than a hand of 21 which features at least three cards, and also a hand that is worth 21 resulting from a split pair.

    Side Bets

    There are side bets on offer in Signature Live Blackjack, and these can be combined with your main wager.

    Perfect Pairs

    If your initial two cards are a pair, i.e. two Kings, two Jacks or two 4s.

    Three types of pairs are available, and a different payout is associated to each of them, as outlined below:

    • Mixed Pair – different suits, e.g. a 10 of Hearts and a 10 of Clubs
    • Coloured Pair – different suits but with an identical colour, e.g. a two of Diamonds and a two of Hearts
    • Perfect Pair – two cards with the same value and same suit, e.g. two Aces of Spades

    Perfect Pairs Payouts:

    • Mixed Pair - 6:1
    • Coloured Pair - 12:1
    • Pefect Pair - 25:1


    If your initial two cards in combination with the dealer's face up-card create any of the below, this side bet will be won:

    • Flush – cards of an identical suit, e.g. a two, six and 10 of Clubs
    • Straight – cards with non-matching suits in numerical order, e.g. a two of Spades, three of Clubs and four of Hearts
    • Three of a Kind – cards with an identical value but differing suits, e.g. three Kings
    • Straight Flush – cards of the same suit that are numerically ordered, e.g. a 10, Jack and Queen of Diamonds
    • Suited Trips – an identical triplet, e.g. three Queen of Hearts

    A separate payout is associated to every winning combination, based on their odds.

    21+3 Payouts

    • Flush - 5:1
    • Straight - 10:1
    • Three of a Kind - 30:1
    • Straight Flush - 40:1
    • Suited Trips - 100:1

    If malfunctions occur then this round is made void, and the same applies to payouts.

    Bet Behind

    Bet on another player's hand with Bet Behind, and the outcome will be shared.

    Payouts for wagers on this option are exactly the same as standard bets.

    You can place your wagers in any activated Bet Behind spot at another player's seat prior to the expiration of betting time.

    Your stake is returned if you place a Bet Behind wager and that player opts not to play in that round.

    The player's nickname will be shown on each seat, indicating who makes the decisions for the round.

    You can still place insurance bets if the dealer's up-card is an Ace.

    If the player you are betting behind opts to double down or split, you can double your wager.

    You cannot Bet Behind on your own hand, nor can you stop other players from betting behind on your hand.

    Hot Player

    The 'Hot Players' icon depicts the player with the longest winning streak at the table, and the number shown in the gold medal above them indicates the number of successive winning rounds they've had.

    The gold medal is removed when the 'Hot Player' has a loss.

    Return to Player (RTP)

    The optimal theoretical payout percentage is:

    Blackjack – 99.28%.

    Perfect Pairs bet – 95.90%.

    21+3 bet – 96.30%.of wins.

    The expected return to player is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £99.28 of wins.