Take a chance in our exciting Live Casino game, MONOPOLY Big Baller!

Place wagers on '3 Rolls' or '5 Rolls' and the Bonus Game is triggered if the required numbers of unique numbers are produced.

Once you're in the Bonus Game, two dice will be rolled to signify the amount of steps MR. MONOPOLY will move by, with multipliers and cash prizes up for grabs.

Roll the dice.

    MONOPOLY Big Baller Game Overview

    The minimum bet size available in MONOPOLY Big Baller is 10p.

    The maximum bet size  is £50.

    Game Information

    Wagers can be placed on a maximum of four Chance/Free Space cards.

    When your bet has been placed, numbers between 1-60 will be generated on the 5x5 cell card you bet.

    It's possible to switch between each card being a Chance card and being a Free Space card.

    Free Space or Chance Card

    Free Space card - A 'free space' is considered to be the centre cell, acting as a drawn number, increasing the odds of a line being created.

    • Chance card - The centre cell will be a multiplier, and later in the game there may be free spaces added to the card.

    Main Game

    A lever is pulled by MR. MONOPOLY upon the expiration of betting time, with random daubs (free spaces) and multipliers placed for your cards.

    A daub will act as a drawn number.

    Chance Multipliers

    Drawing a ball or a number of balls that correspond to the number with the multiplier on the card, it will engage the multiplier.

    In MONOPOLY Big Baller, there are three different Chance multiplier types:

    • Standard - when this number is included on a winning line, the payout is multiplied.
    • Line - this is paid out for winning this line.
    • Global - any winning line on this card receives the multiplied payout, and the multiplier doesn't have to appear on the line.

    Balls and Numbers Drawn

    When Free Spaces or Multipliers have been added to the cards, you can start to draw the balls from the machine. There are a total of 60 numbered balls in the machine, and 20 of them can be drawn.

    Numbers that are drawn and correspond with those on your cards are daubed off automatically.

    You will see the drawn balls on your screen, as well as the amount of remaining balls to be drawn.

    Red balls have been marked on one or more cards. Grey balls have not been marked.

    Complete one or more lines on a card to win the bet.

    Bonus Game

    Place bets on ‘3 Rolls’ or ‘5 Rolls’ and you will have the opportunity to initiate the Bonus Game. As soon as your betting time has expired, ‘3 Rolls’ and ‘5 Rolls’ numbers may have random spaces displayed on them.

    Draw all of the numbers for either of the bet spots to start the Bonus Game. Three unique numbers are required to begin the ‘3 Rolls’ game, and for ‘5 Rolls’ to start you require four unique numbers.

    This Bonus Game will be played using two dice.

    • Activate a ‘3 Rolls’ card and the dice are rolled three times.
    • Activate a ‘5 Rolls’ card and the dice are rolled five times.
    • Activate both Bonus Game cards and you will play each of the Bonus Games one after the other.

    MONOPOLY Board

    The MONOPOLY board looks exactly the same as a regular MONOPOLY board, although the properties in this game have linked multiplier values.

    Houses and hotels are randomly built on a number of properties when the bonus round begins, enhancing their multiplier values.

    Spaces on the Board

    When the dice have finished rolling, MR. MONOPOLY walks along the board by the corresponding number of spaces. At the end of the bonus, your winnings will appear on screen.

    If MR. MONOPOLY finishes his walk on a space with a Chance or Community Chest logo, you will receive a random cash prize or a fee.

    If MR. MONOPOLY finishes his walk on the ‘Go to Jail’ space, he will be moved directly to jail. Roll a double to get him out of jail. Past bonus winnings will not be impacted if the round ends and you are still in jail.

    If a double is rolled during regular play, you are awarded an additional roll of the dice.

    Income Taxes

    Your bonus winnings will be reduced by 10% with the income tax, and 20% with the supertax if you have enough funds.


    Pass 'Go' with MR. MONOPOLY to double the prize values on the board.

    When you've played your allocated rolls of the dice, the Bonus Game concludes and your account is awarded any winnings you achieved.

    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 96.10%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game. 

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £95.00 of wins.