Live Baccarat

Enter our Live Casino floor and play the ultimate high-roller's favourite, in our Live Baccarat!

Interact with our very professional Live Dealers as you try to guess which hand gets closest to nine!

Play our Live Baccarat game at the same time as our other Live games available on our Live Casino hub for more chances to win!

    The Object of the Game

    In Live baccarat, the Banker and the Dealer are dealt hands.

    Before the cards are dealt, you must wager on whether your hand or the Banker's hand will be closest to a sum of 9. You may also bet on a tie.

    Eight standard 52-card decks are used in each game of Baccarat.


    Place your bets by clicking on different areas of the table. Each click will on an area will add another chip to that bet.

    Repeat - Press the 'Repeat' button to automatically wager the same bets in this round.

    Double- Upon hitting 'Repeat,' you will be given an option to automatically double your stake.

    Undo - Clicking 'Undo' will remove your last action from the table one-by-one.


    When the betting time has expired in Live Baccarat, you and the banker are dealt two cards each.

    Once these first two cards are dealt to each hand, the Third Card Rule (see below) will determine if a third card needs to be dealt. No hand will receive more than three cards.

    If both hands have the same sum then it is declared a tie and any wagers on that will be paid out.

    If the value of the cards in either hand on the first two cards is 0 to 7 inclusive, the hands shall draw in accordance with the ‘Third Card Rules’.

    Third Card Rules

    For your hand to draw the two cards must total:

    0-5 – Your hand must draw

    6-7 – Your hand must stand

    8-9 – ‘Natural’ (both hands stand)

    For the Banker’s hand to draw the two cards must total –

    0-2 – Banker’s hand must draw

    3-6 – Third card to your hand determines draw or stand

    7 – Banker’s hand must stand

    8-9 – ‘Natural’ (both hands stand)

    Multi-Game Play

    Enjoy up to four different game tables at the same time and view them all in the same browser window!

    After you have joined multiple tables, you will be able to resize your browser window as a whole, but you will not be able to resize each game table window separately.

    Return to Player (RTP)

    The optimal theoretical payout percentage is:

    Baccarat - 98.94%

    Pairs - 89.64%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.