Lightning Blackjack

Feel the power of Lightning Blackjack, our exciting live casino title.

Enjoy the standard Blackjack features such as Splitting and Doubling Down as you battle the dealer in the race to 21.

Winning hands can be struck with Lightning Multipliers in this game, which can amplify your wins by a maximum of 25x!

The dealer is waiting.

    Lightning Blackjack Game Overview

    The minimum bet available in Lightning Blackjack is £2.

    The maximum bet in this game is £5,000.

    Card Values

    Cards that have a number between 2 and 10 on them will be worth their face value.

    Jacks, Queens and Kings make up the face cards, and they are all worth 10.

    Depending on which number improves your hand the most, Aces will be valued at either 1 or 11. A soft hand is one that includes an Ace valued at 11.

    When betting time has expired for players, one card will be dealt face-up to all players by the dealer in a clockwise direction, ending with themselves. After this, a second card will be dealt to everyone at the table; players' cards will be face-up, whereas the dealer's second card is face-down.

    You can view the value of your hand by your cards.


    To complete Blackjack, you must achieve a value of 21 with your first two cards. This can be done by pairing a 10, Jack, Queen or King with an Ace.

    When you have Blackjack, you will land a payout worth 3:2.

    Lightning Rules

    An additional mandatory 100% Lightning fee will be placed with all of the initial bets in Lightning Blackjack. This creates the possibility of unlocking a multiplier that will be applied on the following hand.

    The Lightning fee does not apply to Double Down and Split bets in this game.


    By completing a winning hand, you can supersize the payout of the upcoming round.

    Once bets have been closed for all of the winning hands, you will be shown multipliers on the screen. These multipliers then take effect on the next hand, and will be worth a random value of between 2x and 25x.

    Should you leave a game despite winning a multiplier, you will retain its use if you return to Lightning Blackjack within the next 180 days.

    The multiplier will only cover the bet for the Lightning fee amount that was paid in the round in which you triggered the multiplier. A regular Blackjack payout is applied to the excess amount if your stake is higher. You will only unlock a multiplier that is proportional to the lower bet if your stake is smaller.

    If you Split your hand and they both end up winning, the hand with the better score will trigger the multiplier. The Lightning multiplier is decided by the most valuable hand. On Split and Double Down bets, there will be no extra fees.

    If you win in the next game round after unlocking the multiplier, it multiplies your payout. Winning Blackjack while having a multiplier, for instance, means that the multiplier is applied rather than the 3:2 payout.

    If a push occurs or an Insurance bet lands, your main stake is refunded but you relinquish the Lightning fee and the multiplier.


    You will be able to buy Insurance if the dealer's first card from the deal is an Ace. This is then paid out if the dealer does indeed have Blackjack.

    Hit ‘Yes’ when you are prompted to purchase Insurance, and the cost of this is precisely half of your bet on the Blackjack hand.

    Winning insurance bets will be paid out at 2:1.

    If you and the dealer both have Blackjack, your bet is refunded because the result of the game is a push.

    If the dealer fails to complete Blackjack with their hand, your Insurance bet is lost. The game will then carry on in its normal process.

    Making a Decision

    You will make a decision about your hand after being dealt your first two cards.

    Up to four options will be available: Hit, Stand, Double Down or Split.

    Should you fail to make a selection prior to the expiration of betting time, you will Hit if your score is 11 or fewer. If your cards are worth 12 or more, you will be forced to Stand.

    Having Blackjack means none of these options will be offered to you.

    Double Down

    As long as you don't hold Blackjack, you can elect to Double Down on your first two cards in this game.

    This causes the size of your wager to be doubled, and you can only be dealt one extra card by the dealer.

    Hit or Stand

    If you choose to Hit, the dealer will give you an extra card. You can continue to Hit until the value of your hand exceeds 21, at which point it will be bust.

    As soon as you are happy with your total, you can Stand and you will not receive any further cards.


    If you are dealt cards with identical values in your initial hand, you will have the chance to Split them. This creates two different hands, and you must double your wager.

    You will only receive one extra card for each hand if two Aces are split.

    The option to Double Down does not apply to Split hands.

    You cannot Split more than once on any given hand.

    Dealer's Hand

    The dealer reveals the value of their face-down card after all of the players have finalised their decisions.

    The dealer will continue to draw cards until their hand is worth at 16 or lower, and when they have soft 17 or higher they will Stand.

    The Game Outcome

    Complete a hand with a value that is nearer to 21 to the dealer's in order to win in Lightning Blackjack.

    Should your hand be worth an identical amount to the dealer's it will trigger a push and your initial stake is refunded.

    The only way to have Blackjack is by using your first two cards, so you require a face card alongside an Ace.

    If you Split a hand and one of them has a value of 21 after two cards, it is not viewed as Blackjack. Due to this fact, a Split hand of 21 will lose to a Blackjack hand.

    You will lose if your cards combine to a total that is more than 21.

    Return To Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 99.56%*

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average pay out £99.56 of wins.

    *Based on the first hand in the shoe.