Rainbow Riches: Daily Rainbows

Rainbow Riches: Daily Rainbows

    Rainbow Riches: Daily Rainbows Free Game Overview

    Follow the famous Leprechaun along the renowned golden path and discover hidden symbols from Rainbow Riches.

    Choose one of the numbers in the squares to reveal each symbol - a rainbow will then do the rest.

    You must accumulate matching sets of symbols to win prizes.

    You can play this game with a total of six picks every day.

    The paytable on the left of the screen shows the number of symbols that are required to be collected to scoop a win.

    This is a free-to-play game, but in order to be eligible to play it you must have previously deposited a minimum of £10 on site.

    Rainbow Riches Leprechaun's Harvest

    Team up with the Leprechaun to harvest these mushrooms, with the aim of finding gold coins behind them.

    You will win at least one free spin on Rainbow Riches for each gold coin you discover.

    This is a special free monthly game, giving you the opportunity to land free spins on the final day of each month.

    For every day that you play Rainbow Riches Daily Rainbows, you receive one pick to use on the last day of that month.

    On the last day of the month, you must harvest mushrooms from a 7x7 grid for the chance to win prizes.

    Each gold coin you find could earn you a maximum of 20 free spins on Rainbow Riches.

    The first time you play our daily free game, you receive a special one-time bonus of one free pick for every day that the current monthly game has been in-play.

    SymbolAmount RequiredFree Spins
    Gold Coin615
    Rainbow Riches720
    Wishing Well940
    Pot of Gold1050