MONOPOLY Daily Free Parking

Play for the chance to win cash or free spins on our exclusive daily free game, MONOPOLY Daily Parking.

    MONOPOLY Daily Free Parking Game Overview

    This daily free game is played on the Free Parking grid of 90 squares that hide winning property cards.

    You can make six picks per day.

    To make a pick, simply select a square to reveal what is behind it.

    Mortgaged property cards count as a miss.

    Your picks remain in-place throughout the week.

    You need to collect a matching set of property cards to win cash or free spins.

    Card Colour
    Brown35 spins
    Light Blue410 spins
    Pink550 spins
    Dark Blue10£750

    Although MONOPOLY Daily Free Parking is a free-to-play game, you must have made at least one £10 deposit on-site to be eligible to play.

    MONOPOLY Property Hunting

    This is a special monthly game where you can win cash and free spins on the last day of every month.

    You will be awarded one pick for the monthly game for every day you play on the daily game.

    You must play MONOPOLY Daily Free Parking on the final day of the month to be eligible to play on the monthly free game.

    On the last day of the month, you will pick houses from a 7x7 grid for a chance to win prizes.

    Each hotel can hold up to £100 or up to 15 free spins on MONOPOLY Paradise Mansion.

    The first time you play MONOPOLY Daily Free Parking with this feature in-place, you will be awarded a special one-time bonus of one free pick for every day that the current game has been in play.