Roll onto a whole new level of playing with MONOPOLY Casino VIP, where exclusive offers, rewards and more are always on the cards.

MONOPOLY Casino VIP Offers and Promotions

As a VIP member, you’ll gain access to a fantastic range of benefits, including the following:

A Dedicated VIP Team

A team of Customer Service experts are available for you to contact 24/7 if you ever have any questions or issues. All staff are thoroughly trained and even more responsive than our site-wide Customer Service teams.

Seasonal Luxury Gifts

Receive luxury physical gifts on a seasonable basis, including Easter and Christmas, as a token of gratitude for your loyalty.

Birthday Specials

Collect a cash prize when your birthday rolls around every year, making your special day even more enjoyable!

VIP Promotions and Exclusive Offers

Take a chance on exclusive Promotions tailored for you; an addition to the already great selection of Promotions available on the site. You can expect your first VIP Promotion within 7 days of joining.

VIP Box Bonanza Games

As a VIP, your exclusive Box Bonanza games contain a greater range of cash prizes and on average have a higher cash pay-out.

VIP Sneak Previews

Get exclusive first-looks at the biggest new games, and play them before anybody else.

And there's more...

VIP players who become Account Managed will have the chance to visit all the corners of the world with the company of their Account Manager and other staff members. Account Managers are completely focused on meeting the needs of their players and at their discretion will provide additional bonuses, prizes and invitations to events and holidays.

Let’s get you on a roll!

To give you a head start into your VIP experience, you’ll even get an exclusive Box Bonanza game straightaway.

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